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  • Amanda Zink Joins Honorable Kenneth Wright at Chicago Bar Association 2020 Earl Burrus Dickerson Awards
    February 27, 2020

    Partner Amanda L. Zink, will join the Honorable Kenneth E. Wright, Jr., at The Chicago Bar Association 2020 Earl Burrus Dickerson Awards Luncheon on Thursday, February 27, 2020.

    The late Earl B. Dickerson was an outstanding lawyer and among the first African-American members of The Chicago Bar Association (CBA). The CBA established the Dickerson Award in honor of his devotion to the law and helping others gain equality and justice. The Dickerson Award recognizes and honors minority lawyers and judges whose careers at the bar emulate the courage and dedication Dickerson had in making the law the key to justice for all in our society.

    This year’s Honorees:

    Gina Fain, JSS Family Trusts
    G.A. Finch, Hoogendoorn & Talbot LLP
    Hon. Cheryl D. Ingram, Circuit Court of Cook County
    Hon. Diane M. Shelley, Circuit Court of Cook County
    Hon. Anthony L. Young (ret), Circuit Court of Cook County

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