Rideshare and Autonomous Vehicles
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Rideshare and Autonomous Vehicles

Technology is changing the transportation and logistics industry for the better, and presenting new legal challenges in the process. As more people use rideshare and autonomous vehicles every day, companies in those industries are facing more lawsuits with unique controversies. They need sophisticated attorneys who know how to resolve the wide variety of claims they may face, including claims involving personal injury, property damage, product liability, agency and employment, data retention, spoliation of evidence, insurance coverage, and privacy concerns. In that regard, Lipe Lyons is a full-service law firm that is capable of providing clients with the representation they need – now, and in the future, as their businesses continue to grow.
We have successfully defended clients against numerous personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits arising from vehicular traffic accidents. We regularly represent companies and the drivers they retain in lawsuits alleging improper operation of the vehicle, hiring, retention, supervision, and maintenance. Our attorneys understand the myriad of state and federal regulations and common law rulings that govern the workplace relationship between companies and drivers – even when the workplace is the inside of a motor vehicle. If there are allegations that a vehicle or its component parts failed, we know how to investigate the occurrence, preserve evidence, and work with experts to develop winning defense theories. We aggressively pursue (or defend against) risk transfer opportunities to minimize our clients’ potential exposure. And we know how to address the privacy concerns inherent in industries which rely on sharing personal information.

For more information about the firm's rideshare and autonomous vehicle practice, please contact James Whalen at 773.295.6238 or jhw@lipelyons.com.