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Class Actions and Mass Torts

The attorneys at Lipe Lyons have extensive experience defending clients against high-stakes class action and mass tort litigation. Defendants in such cases often face serious financial consequences, and need aggressive representation to protect their interests.
Our experience has included cases involving consumer and business practices, civil rights, employment, environmental exposure, product liability, professional negligence, and property damage. Some examples include representing General Electric in silicone breast implant and welding rod litigation in a number of different state and federal venues, Lycoming Engines and Textron in a product liability lawsuit seeking more than $60 million in damages for alleged defects in 5,000 reciprocating aircraft engines, and a municipality and its police officers in civil rights lawsuit that arose out of the police department’s alleged policy of conducting unreasonable searches and seizures for over 25 years.
Lipe Lyons has also defended clients against hundreds of toxic tort claims seeking damages for exposure to chemicals and other allegedly dangerous substances. We have acted as regional counsel in asbestos litigation for a major domestic clutch manufacturer, a major crane manufacturer, a leading manufacturer of printing presses, and a large foreign clutch manufacturer. We have also served as regional counsel in asbestos litigation for a leading manufacturer of heating and air conditioning units.
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