Labor & Employment Practice
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Labor and Employment

Employers are often forced to make difficult choices in their interacting with their employees which may implicate numerous federal and state laws and regulations that govern the workplace. The attorneys at Lipe Lyons can help your business navigate these complex, sensitive employment issues at all stages, from crafting new employment policies to defending claims from current and former employees in court.

Our attorneys strive to be an on-call labor and employment law resource for our employer-clients. We have counseled and represented a diverse array of employers, including hotels, restaurants, temporary staffing agencies, law firms, automobile dealerships and emergency medical service providers. We collaborate with our clients to formulate employment policies, agreements, and contracts tailored to the specific needs of their particular business. When a challenging employment-related legal issue arises, we counsel our clients on the available and best courses of action, with an eye toward minimizing expenses and exposure for employers.

While our goal is to work with our clients to craft smart, tailored employment policies and agreements and to provide counsel in hopes of avoiding litigation, our attorneys are well-equipped to provide a vigorous defense should litigation arise. We have successfully represented employers before the Illinois Department of Human Rights, the Illinois Human Rights Commission, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Illinois state courts, federal courts in Illinois and in neighboring states, and before the National Labor Relations Board. Our attorneys have represented employers in a wide variety of employment law disputes, including claims related to:
  • Employment agreements and contracts
  • Employment discrimination, including age, race, gender, national origin and religious discrimination
  • Wrongful termination
  • Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act
  • Employee compensation
  • Non-competition agreements
  • Fiduciary duties

Shareholders Jeffrey H. Lipe, Thomas J. Pontikis, and James H. Whalen have extensive experience advising clients about employment issues and defending clients in employment-related litigation.

For more information about the firm’s employment practice please contact James Whalen at 773.295.6238 or